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Career Support


Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)

Services include: job exploration counseling, work readiness training, work-based learning experiences, counseling in post-secondary education, and support for building self-advocacy


  • Youth ages 14 to graduation from high school or age 22

  • Youth intends to achieve employment and is living with an impairment (disability) that impedes employment and requires services to prepare for, secure, retain, advance in, or regain employment

To apply: talk to your school's MRC liaison or contact your local MRC office.


Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) Interview PREP

10 session intensive job interview training program. The curriculum includes networking, phone interviews, appropriate dress,

nonverbal communication skills, and answering questions. Participants will engage in actual interviews with business professionals who provide structured feedback on the individual's performance and provide coaching to review feedback and prepare for next interview. The goal of this program is to help reduce anxiety around the interview process, build interview skills, and increase confidence. 



Run by the Department of Career Services. The MassHire department works with individuals seeking jobs by providing career guidance, job referrals, and job training. There are MassHire Career Centers located across the state of Massachusetts. The Career Center offers free seminars to help individuals in their job search. Individuals will complete an Individual needs Assessment (INA) to develop a Career Action Plan (CAP). Career Centers offer workshops on interviewing, networking, resume writing, up-to-date job listings, career planning assistance, as well as access to resources including computers, fax machines, copies.


Best Buddies Jobs Program

This program helps find jobs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


Employment First Massachusetts 

This website offers free resources and trainings. Helpful resources include the Person-Centered Career Planning documents, various questionnaires to help you or your young adult find a job that meets their interests/preferences, and support with networking. They also offer free resources to help individuals thrive and grow in their job.


Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI):

Employment Services

The ICI offers support to individuals looking for jobs by through their work experience program and Individual Placement Service (IPS). 

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