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Transition Timeline

Age 18
  • Submit applications for:

    • Appropriate legal supports (ex. Guardianship, Healthcare Proxy, Conservatorship)

    • Department of Developmental Services (DDS)

    • Department of Mental Health (DMH), if applicable

    • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), if applicable

    • MassHealth (Medicaid)

  • Sign Healthcare Proxy and/or Release of Information documents and provide to involved providers during gap between time young adult turns 18 and guardianship is active

    • This allows healthcare providers to continue speaking with the young adult's trusted adults once the young adult turns 18 while guardianship is in process

  • Register to vote; men must register for Selective Service

  • Join the waiting list for the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) or apply for a Rental Voucher

  • Talk with your child's IEP team about the Mass Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (MAICEI)

    • A statewide grant that supports eligible public high school students with intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorder attend college courses and be part of a college community

Age 14
  • Transition Planning Form (TPF) is added to your child's IEP - goals are focused on training, employment, independent living, community engagement

  • Start to discuss with your child what they might like to do after high school

  • Submit referral for Mass Rehab Commission (MRC) Pre-Employment Transition Services

    • This is a program is designed to help children with disabilities make decision around their career and provides resources and supports for job exploration and training

    • Every high school in Massachusetts has an assigned MRC counselor

  • Apply for a Massachusetts Identification (ID) Card

Age 16
  • Discuss with your child's school team and healthcare providers if your child will graduate at 18 or continue in school until age 22

  • Begin to consider and plan for alternatives to a high school diploma, such as a certificate

  • Adjust your child's Transition Planning Form in their IEP to meet their needs and build skills for their future

  • Talk with your child's school term about a Chapter 688 Referral for adult services

  • Begin discussion around privacy and consent with healthcare information

  • Create a Medical Summary Document to share with your adults providers. This will become important once the young adult transitions to an adult healthcare provider

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