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Puberty and Sexuality


    • Website focused on taking the awkward out of sex ed with fun, animated videos

    • Topics include: puberty, pregnancy and reproduction, gender identity, period symptoms, abortion, personal safety, and sexual orientation


  • Crehan Lab at Tufts University

  • Dr. Elizabeth Koss Schmidt

    • Videos and educational material on sexuality for young adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

    • Topics include contraceptives, understanding sexual and gender identity as an individual with IDD, raising a family as an individual with IDD, and puberty


  • Healthy Relationships, Sexuality, and Disability Resource Guide

  • Organization for Autism Research (OAR) Sex Ed for Self-Advocates Online Resource Guide

    • Teaches various topics using both written texts and audio/video

    • Topics include public versus private, puberty, healthy relationships, consent, dating 101, sexual orientation and gender identity, sexual activity, online relationships and safety


  • Sex Ed for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) by the National Council on Independent Living

  • Sex Ed for Self-Advocates - The Birds and the Bees

    • Free self-paced online curriculums for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities

    • Curriculums for middle-school, high-school aged individuals and adults

  • Sex Etc. Sex in the States

    • Sex in the States: Website with a clickable map that shares state-specific guidelines around sex education laws and age of consent

    • Communication Tool: an online tool that helps individuals start conversations about different topics with suggestions on how to talk to different individuals about certain sex-related topics

      • Conversations topics include pregnancy, sex, STIs/testing, and coming out/being an ally with different topic suggestions for communicating with a partner, parent, friend, trusted adult, and/or a healthcare provider

  • Advocates for Youth - Rights, Respect, Responsibility

    • Online curriculum for students K-12 available in English and Spanish

    • Topics include: abstinence, advocacy, body image, bullying, consent, gender identity, and much more


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