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Safe Media Use

  • Personal Information - don't share it! Never give your full name, address, or where you go to school

  • Let a trusted adult know if anyone asks for your personal information

  • Attachments - Beware before opening any attachments (they could be dangerous!)

  • Your Feelings are Important - If something happens that makes you uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult right away

  • Information online is not always true. If unsure, ask an adult!

  • Take Breaks  - spending too much time on a screen can strain your eyes. Set a timer so you don't spend too much time online!

  • Spending Money - always ask permission before buying something online

  • Act Politely - don't say anything online you wouldn't say to someone in person

  • Friends Online Stay Online  - don't meet someone in person who you ,et online unless it is discussed with an adult! 

  • Enjoy & Have Fun! 

Risks of Social Media & How to Manage Them
  • Understand what is appropriate to share

    • Make sure the youth has a clear understanding of what is safe to share on their own, what needs to be approved first before sharing, and what information should never be shared

  • Discourage engagement with cyberbullies/trolls/bots

    • Help the youth understand that some individuals online are not who they say they are and may use the anonymous platform to be mean or say harmful things

    • Work with your young adult on ways to ignore and report unsafe and harmful interactions

    • Emphasize groups that protect from harmful comments/environments through restrictions and guidelines

    • Discuss ways to help the youth pause when someone upsets them or says something they do not understand

  • Understanding jokes, sarcasm, lies, and irony

    • Discuss examples of each of these with your child to help them recognize these online

  • Information, once posted, is available forever

    • Work with your young adult to set appropriate safety controls, such as making accounts private and limiting who can message your child

Safe Media Use Resources
Parental Control Programs
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